3D objects in HTML

3D objects in HTML

You know when you search around trying to find out how to achieve a particular task and you stumble on something¬† that is so unique…

I was looking for a way to have two layers moving acorss each other very slowly – Sky Sports TV adverts used it about a year ago – the effect is like creating a 3D moving scene from a 2D image. I found a jQuery technique called parallax scrolling. Parallax is a term I haven’t seen since the days of Commodore64 computer games. The jquery worked, although the smoothness of the animation was more akin to the movement of a space invader on the Atari 2600!

I then got to thinking that what I needed was an 3D animation package. Seeming as I don’t do Flash, it left me with Blender, an amazing Open Source 3D animation package, a bit like 3D Studio Max. Whilst looking through some examples I found a technique called 3D camera mapping and an excellent example video

So, I can create a parallax effect in Blender, but how do I get it into a HTML page? I could export from Blender straight to Flash flv files but that seemed like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

So, it seems you can actually embed blender animations directly into a HTML page, for an example see here.

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