All in one SEO pack for CMS Made Simple

All in one SEO pack for CMS Made Simple

This isn’t really a module, or plug-in, but a series of very quick tweaks you can make to your CMSMS templates to give you some resemblance of the features found in the WordPress All In One SEO Pack

The title of this post wasn’t meant to confuse you. I use the WordPress All In One SEO Pack as a quick way to get metadata into posts, rather than using it’s more in-depth features or manually inputting keywords, description etc. Call it auto-tags or fire-and-forget metadata

Firstly, at the top of your template immediately underneath {process_pagedata} insert the following code, which will assign both the {title} and {content} tag’s to two variables

{strip} {* use strip to get rid of whitespace *}
 {content assign="get_content"}
 {if !isset($get_title)}
 {title assign='get_title'}

Next we need to amend the <title> tag to the following, as we have now assigned {title} to {$get_title}

 {$get_title} - {sitename}

Now, the meat, copy and paste this whole section into the head section of your template

<meta name="title" content="{$get_title} - {sitename}" />
 <meta name="copyright" content="{sitename}" />
 <meta name="description" content="{$get_content|strip_tags|truncate:'150'|strip}" />
 <meta name="keywords" content="{search action='keywords' count='15'}" />
 <meta name="language" content="{$lang}" />
 <meta name="url" content="{root_url}" />
 <meta name="identifier-URL" content="{root_url}" />
 <meta name="revised" content="{modified_date format="%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S"}" />
 <meta name="original-source" content="{if isset($canonical)}{$canonical}{elseif isset($content_obj)}{$content_obj->GetURL()}{/if}" />

You will also now need to amend your {content} tag in your template(s) to {$get_content}. And there you go, all setup. If you are bothered about keywords metadata tag you will need to view each page to check the keywords. It uses the search module for this list and you may end up with some general keywords. To remove these go to the CMSMS search module and add them as stop words in the options tab, then re-index all content.

I originally discovered this technique by a google search I can’t remember, but the page led me to Arvixe Hosting, who are specialists in CMS Made Simple hosting, go check them out if you need some CMSMS hosting.

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