Mount NFS Shares in OpenElec 3.2.4

Mount NFS Shares in OpenElec 3.2.4

This HOW-TO assumes you are using a DLink DNS-320 NAS with the source directory on. I am running Openelec v3.2.4 on a Model B RaspberryPI

Create the NFS share on the DNS320

  1. Go to Management > Account Management > Network Shares
  2. Click on New and run through the wizard – when the wizard asks for “Host”, enter “*”
  3. Now find the full path of the share on the DNS. Telnet (or SSH) in:
  4. Type ls to list the directory contents and cd to change directories
    cd mnt
    cd HD
    cd HS_a* (I have two drives, so they're listed as HD_a2 and HD_b2) 
    cd HD_b2

    So the path you may have like: /mnt/HD/HD_b2/TV (TV is the directory I created in the wizard)

  5. You should now see the directory that you previously created in the network share wizard

Create mount point

Now create a “mount point” directory in Openelec. SSH in. Default password is openelec. ssh root@

Mount the NFS share

Still in the openelec ssh session, type the following

  1. mount -t nfs /storage/nfs01 -o nolock
  2. To automatically mount the share on Openelec boot, follow the rest of the tutorial

I did this to allow Openelec to record TV onto the NAS using tvheadend. Once this is all setup, configure tvheadend to record to the mount point on OE, e.g. /storage/nfs01

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