(not provided) in Google analytics

(not provided) in Google analytics

October 18th saw a big change to how Google deals with users that are logged into one of Googles services and how this affects keyword reports in Google Analytics and webmasters

The change means that whenever a user is logged into, for example Gmail, Google+ etc, whenever they conduct a search through Google it will be SSL encrypted under https and the keywords used are stripped. This means that Google Analytics (and any other web statistics program) won’t be able to track what keyword a user used to get to your site.

This means that web developers, webmasters and those that rely on the detailed analytics reports will have to use Webmaster Tools instead – a whole lot less revealing and updated. That is of course if you aren’t an Adwords customer, as you will still have access to this data. And there is the rub, Google’s reasoning was that it is protecting users privacy by removing search queries, except for those that pay google money in Adwords and that’s where the morals go out of the window.

Initial estimates at how this will affect GA reports were put at 10%, but this is only going to get worse as Google products become more popular. Now where’s that Google -1 button…

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