Script for obtaining consent for cookies

Script for obtaining consent for cookies

The implementation time limit for the new EU privacy directive requirement for getting consent for cookies on websites is fast approaching to May 2012

Implementation of mechanisms to obtain consent has been slow for UK websites – just surf around some UK sites and you’ll soon see no changes at all.

I have found a rather neat solution to obtaining cookie consent in the form of the EPD/PECR compliance jQuery plugin, written by Wolf Software. It only works for Google Analytics cookies so you should run a cookie audit on your website to see which cookies you can remove so that you only have the GA ones to contend with.

Installing the script is easy. Include jQuery (which you probably have already) and the script supplying it with your GA key and you’re good to go.

Wolf Software also have a version that you can use for all the other cookies on your website, but I found it a little tricky to get going, especially if you have a website based on a content management system, and I felt that it was fairly obtrusive when compared to their GA plugin (it uses a modal window that requires action before a visitor can use the site).

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