Using CMS Made Simple for ecommerce

Using CMS Made Simple for ecommerce

CMS Made Simple is a fantastic tool to build and manage a website with, but how can CMS Made Simple be extended further to provide Ecommerce functionality?

CMSMS provides the ability for third party developers to add additional functionality into the system via modules. One of the developers, calguy, has created a suite of modules that integrate to provide catalogue, shopping cart, checkout, payment and shipping modules to bring Ecommerce to CMSMS. He has a detailed tutorial on installing and setting up the various modules over at his website.

I have a client that needs shopping cart on his site, but not user registration or a payment gateway, just a way for visitors to create a basket of products for follow up. I ended up installing the following modules:

  • CGExtensions
  • CGSimpleSmarty
  • Products
  • CGEcommerceBase
  • Cart
  • Orders

Create three pages, one for {Products}, one for {Orders} and lastly one for {Cart action=’viewcart’}. Each module has smarty templates, so every aspect of the shop can be styled as you like. Add some products and a product hierarchy and test the shop to see how it works.

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