Website Build:

Website Build:

Last year I blogged about a logo concept for a website called Well the concept has finally been made into a live website,

Special features of this particular build are that it is built on the excellent HTML5 framework Twitter Bootstrap, meaning I can get a full mobile experience from the site without having to code & update separate templates. The site uses an Affiliate Window feed. I did find it tricky using the feed as it wasn’t categorised correctly by the merchant. This meant I had to use some creative methods to categorise shirts myself.

In addition AW feeds tend to be quite large in terms of filesize and using PHP to extract the compressed feeds resulted in time-outs on lowly shared hosting. Thankfully linux command wget came to the rescue with a simple command to download and extract the feed in one simple cron job. Take a look at the site and tell me what you think in the comments section below

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