WordPress comments EU privacy

WordPress comments EU privacy

This post is about the new EU privacy directive which states that users of a website need to consent to receiving cookies – they cannot be placed on a users computer without that consent.

WordPress has a good commenting system, the trouble with it is that it creates three cookies containing the name, email and web address of the person who comments on a post. This is strictly outside of the EU privacy Directive on cookies.

The workaround is to upgrade wordpress to v3.4 and take advantage of a change which makes it easy to control the setting of these cookies (rather than editing core files). The bug trac for this is http://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/17976

Basically add the following code into your theme functions file

remove_action('set_comment_cookies', 'wp_set_comment_cookies', 10,2);

And thats it – no cookies set when someone posts a comment. Of course it has its drawbacks in terms of functionality. But it will do for the moment.

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